About Us

Smith Studio Knits is a modern, heirloom knitwear company based in Racine, Wisconsin. Pieces are all handknit or crocheted by me, Elaine. One of the goals of my small business is to support other makers and small shops whenever I can. I source my pom poms and labels from small sellers and use a variety of patterns from designers throughout the fiber community. When you support my shop you are supporting at least 2-3 other small businesses!

Originally from Texas, with no winter wardrobe to speak of, I have now been a Midwesterner for over a decade! Who knew how many great accessories I had been missing out on?! My love of making had been instilled into me by my mother at a young age, however, I think the cold weather (and kids) gave the hobby a real purpose.

I picked up a crochet hook when I was 7 and remember chaining endlessly, but never actually *making* anything. Flash forward to high school and my love of yarn (the colors 😍) had never wavered. This time, I picked up knitting needles and a veryyyy old knitting book and taught myself the basics.

It wasn’t until after college, I truly began to make wearable items and blankets. A slew of nieces and nephews were the inspiration to really figure out what goes into designing a knitted piece, be it a blanket or a warm hat to rock on the playground.

My tiny human (namesake of the MK beanie) makes the perfect design assistant. She keeps me on my toes if I’m stumped for color combos.

I opened the shop to show her it IS possible to turn your art into your work. Hopefully she’ll see that an “untraditional” career is valuable, albeit scary, but so worth it! Shout out to all the makers and small businesses for all the energy they put into what they love 💕